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All students must inform D&D Driving School/Instructors at least 24 hours' notice if they can’t make it to their scheduled lesson. It will give us enough time to reschedule the lesson for a convenient time and date and replaced with another student in that time slot. Rescheduled appointments with less than 24 hours can be conducted on the same day at later time or for another day. If we cannot replace your canceled appointment with another student with less than 24-hour notice, your package will be deducted for that lesson. If there is a NO-SHOW and/or NO-CALL your package will be charged for that lesson and no reschedule permitted. D&D must work with time management with respect for other students and instructors. This policy not only gives you the incentive not to miss your session but also protects the instructor as the D&D Driving School must pay the instructor.


Please be informed that in the event of a vehicle accident, D&D Driving School has liability insurance for all vehicles used for lessons. Students will be covered under the Driving School’s PIP coverage. By signing this document, you the student or parent if under the age of 18 withhold all rights to have any intent to sue D&D Driving School or the Instructor.

Any damages brought on by the student to the vehicle, he/she or parent will be responsible for paying half of the cost of the amount it takes to repair if he/she or parent choose not to file a claim with their insurance. Should the student require medical attention, he/she will be covered under our PIP.

If any claims filed with D&D Driving School commercial insurance, the student or parent is responsible for half the deductible of $1000 ($500).

Please keep in mind, there are risk taking while training a student and there are unforeseen events. Please make sure you have all parties on your car insurance before placing them behind the wheel of a car.


We value your time- there can be moments when the instructor runs behind schedule

Due to the following reason:

  • High school students run late when getting home or Miami traffic.
  • We may reschedule lessons due to weather conditions:
    • Rain or Heavy Wind.
  • Reschedules may happen last minute due unfornseen circumstances, but you will not lose the lesson:
    • Lessons are 1 hour driving time
  • If the lessons are during rush-hour traffic and your residential area is saturated, we Will move the time of the lessons depending on what the instructor is teaching at the Moment.
  • Exhaustion- if students are tired, we will not proceed with the lesson or the lesson Will be cut short (time will carry over to another lesson or rescheduled for another day.
    • Cannabis/Marijuana in any form including medicinal is not permitted: Lesson will be canceled

Thank you



Due to Hurricane season, there will be days where weather conditions play a significant factor when teaching students to drive. We at D&D Driving School want to ensure the safety of our students and instructors. Road conditions are dangerous when wet, and visibility can be limited. Please understand we want to uphold the learning experience for each student. Sometimes lessons can be rescheduled or pushed for a later time at the last moment. The students will not lose a lesson but rescheduled for another day. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we hope you understand.